Thanks to the new General Data Protection Regulation (and platforms like Rightly), it's now easy for EU citizens to delete their personal data from any company.

But is this a good idea? Why should you delete your personal data?

Here are four good reasons:

1. Marketing

Did you know that over 100 billion emails are sent every day? Maybe you feel like you have a large percent of those in your personal inbox and are getting tired of it. By deleting your data from a company, you are preventing them from marketing to you via email. Enjoy that peace and quiet!

And email marketing is only part of the picture. You've probably noticed those ads that follow you around the web trying to sell you the same product over and over. This is called 'retargeting' and is popular among brands who advertise online. By deleting your data, you limit the abilty of these brands to serve you retargeted ads.

2. They sell data

It's no secret that companies are selling your personal data all the time. Here are a few examples. If you delete your data from these companies, they won't be able to store it or sell it any longer.

3. You don't use their service anymore

If you changed banks, jobs, or cell phone providers, why should they get to hold on to your data? Instead of leaving a trail of data behind, you can delete you data and keep your personal info private.

4. You never used their service

If someone has your data, and they didn't get it from you, what are the chances they are using it for your benefit?

Ready to start deleting your data? Head over to the Rightly app and give it a try.